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lt;Multi-Fix gt; Nail System

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<Multi-Fix> Nail System


As a Titanium-made implant to insert in bone marrow, this product is used to fixate the damaged part of long bone. It has three parts of Tibial Type and Femoral Type and Proximal Type and consists of Nail to support the fractured long bone, screws (Locking Screw , Lag Screw, Cannulated Screw) to fixate the upper and lower parts of the fractured long bone and End Cap to block connection part of prosthesis.


1) This product is inserted into medullary cavity to partly cure fractured long bone or inhibit bone-loss. When compared with external fixation device, it can reduce infection around pin and also lower delayed connection or Non-union in case of Distraction. Besides, it allows fixation on the right part of the patient with Locking Screw, resulting in the high effect of Reduction.

2) The diameter of Proximal Region is wider than the one of Distal Region, thus this product makes it possible to smoothly insert and fixate.

3) As Cortical type, Self-Tapping of screw of this product helps insertion in exact direction and depth when inserting screw. The pitch and depth of screw thread promotes a stable fixation of Nail.